Patient Case Studies

Since opening its doors to patients in December 2014, the South Island Wildlife Hospital has successfully treated, rehabilitated and released many wild and native birds. You can find out more about some of the Hospital's interesting cases below and for more stories be sure to follow the Hospital's Facebook page.

New Zealand kea - Andrew
More case studies coming soon

Come back soon to read more interesting rehabilitation cases from the South Island Wildlife Hospital.

Kea with lead poisoning

In response to Arthur’s Pass kea having died from lead poisoning in early 2016, the Kea Conservation Trust tested the blood lead levels of 5 Arthur’s Pass kea including our patient named Andrew. Andrew was found to have very high lead levels, 0.634 mg/L. Currently accepted safe blood lead levels for birds are 0.05 mg/L.

A nest of kōtare/kingfishers
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